What is Hookah?

Hookah 101:

Though Hookah is now recognized worldwide, it is deeply rooted in South Asia and Middle Eastern traditions. While discussing its history, some say that the hookah originated in Persia, but it is more likely that the apparatus dates back to the 16th Century in India.

In particular, when the British East India Company began manufacturing in India. To purify smoke in a glass basin called “Shisha”, hookah was invented.

This invention then spread wide across India and then to Persia, who then attempted to use it by using different techniques like using strong tobacco leaves called Ajami and redefining the shape and structure of the hookah aesthetically.

What is Hookah?

Hookahs, shisha, or water pipes are smoking devices that employ specially produced tobacco in a variety of tastes, e.g., apple mint, pineapple, etc.

The term “hookah” refers both to the apparatus and to the activity of smoking.

The hookah or hookah equipment is comprised of two components (upper and lower) linked by a pipe.

The upper part consists of a bowl filled with tobacco or molasses, which is generally covered with perforated aluminum foil, on top of which burning charcoal is placed.

The lower part consists of a water jar covered by a gasket, a protruding hose, and a release valve are located on the apparatus’s bottom (used for clearing out stagnate smoke)

Why is hookah used?

Hookah smoking is becoming a more common type of tobacco consumption across the world. Hookah usage has spread from the Eastern Mediterranean region to Western countries such as Australia, the UK, Canada, and the United States.

Primarily, it is used among family and friends. Hookah often promotes connectedness and conversation. However, its gesture is more than an entertaining social activity or a means of relaxing; it’s a way in which family, relatives, friends, and business associates, in their conventional norms, furnish hospitality and strengthen bonds with one another.

However, apart from its stylish and unique structure, the hookah’s appeal is largely attributed to its social aspect; hookah smoking is a shared, communal experience, and two or more individuals frequently use a single waterpipe.

This sort of usage of the hookah establishes a bond within these individuals, which makes the hookah more attractive than any other smoking type.

How many types does Hookah have?

There are so many types of Hookah to choose from. However, we’ve tried our best to summarize some of the trending Hookahs so that you can understand them conveniently.

1. Hookahs by Khalil Mamoon

        For decades, Khalil Mamoon has been producing some of the greatest hookah pipes in the world. To assure the highest quality, each hookah is handcrafted by skilled artisans.

        As its users have reviewed, the most significant benefit of purchasing a Khalil Mamoon hookah is that it is heavy-duty, easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the stem is made of stainless steel with brass rings.

        2. MYA Hookah.

          MYA is the only firm in the world that manufactures genuine crystal hookah vases from the best Bohemian crystal. 

          For the best results, all of the pieces are mouth-blown and hand-cut. 

          MYA’s designs also feature the beautiful overlay Crystal, which is made of glass crystal fused with colored crystal and polished with diamond wheels.

          3. Al Fakher Hookahs

            This famous shisha is great for a clean, refreshing hookah bowl on its own. The smoke is rich, puffy, and incredibly smooth because of the mint’s cooling effect. One of the greatest hookah flavors for combining is Al Fakher mint shisha.

            Al Fakher shisha tobacco is manufactured from the best grade of Virginia Molasses leaves and the richest European tastes and is regarded as a high-quality molasses in the international market. The thick, fragrant smoke of Al Fakher Molasses is legendary.

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